Talking to a Facebook Marketing Expert

AR Simon Interviews Season: 1
February 17, 2018

Talking to a Facebook Marketing Expert

Talking to a Facebook Marketing Expert was initially an introduction to Facebook advertising. However, this one on one conversation will also bring value to any business owners currently on Facebook.  Furthermore, we discuss how to easily and successfully start a new Facebook ads campaign for your business. Watch the entire video here.

Former Microsoft advertiser

Live from Sinko Bar in Medellin, Colombia I sit down with Rafael Moreta. Rafael Moreta is a digital marketing expert, affiliate marketer and expat currently living in Medellin, Colombia. Furthermore, he specializes in creating successful Facebook advertising and Google adwords campaigns for his clients. He previously worked in NYC doing digital marketing for various Microsoft product launches.

Rafael lives the dotcom lifestyle. He has time freedom and location freedom. Furthermore, our initial interview was scheduled a week earlier when he was still in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rafael currently works with a handful of local and international clients. You can reach Rafael by clicking this link.

Facebook posts vs Facebook ads

Having drinks the night before we met a Facebook advertiser. However, what this person really does is take pictures for clients and creates posts on Facebook. Creating posts is valuable. But not using Facebook advertising to get leads, get sales or build your business is insane.

A successful Facebook advertising campaign can transform your business. However, Facebook will gladly accept all of your money when you run an unsuccessful ads campaign.

Grow your business with Facebook ads

In this video Rafael goes over the process for starting a successful Facebook ads campaign. Furthermore, he shares his tips for having success. One of the main points Rafael discussed was proper audience targeting. However, an even more important tool to use is the Facebook tracking pixel. Using the Facebook tracking pixel helps Facebook help you have a successful ads campaign.

In conclusion the goal of AR Simon interviews is to Engage, Elevate and Encourage.

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Talking to a Facebook Marketing Expert

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