Sky Course the Carnival Vista Rope Course

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April 11, 2018

Sky Course the Carnival Vista Rope Course

Sky Course the Carnival Vista Rope Course

Sky Course the Carnival Vista Rope Course is a free activity currently available on 5 Carnival ships.

We take at least 2-3 cruises per year. However, this was the first time we dared to walk the tight rope.

Everyone can do it

The first time I did it with my son Jacob. He’s only 8 years old. Some areas are high above the ground. However, he was able to successfully complete all platforms. Furthermore, if you ever get stuck, the staff will come over and help.

I loved this activity

I’ve seen this for many years now. However, it never crossed my mind to do it. But now Jacob wants to do these more adventurous things. And no way he does it before me.

Did I mention it’s free

This is totally free. Furthermore, when no one is on the ship you’re able to keep the gear on and do it over and over again. At one point I did it 5 times. Trying to go faster each time. However, when I reach a certain part I always slow down. In a world where everything has a cost Sky Course the Carnival Vista Rope Course is 100% free.

Is it safe?

Sky Course the Carnival Vista Rope Course is very safe. As of this post no one has fallen completely off of the rope course. However, height and weight restrictions apply.

Jacob was not able to reach some parts of the support ropes. However, he was safely secured by the zip line like harness.

Last year at Amber Cove (Dominican Republic) we almost did the zipline. However, last minute we decided not to and someone lost their finger that day. The Zipline was not built by Carnival but the Sky course was. I have faith in the safety of the Sky Course on the Carnival Vista or on the other 4 ships.

If you have experience with rope courses you will enjoy this. However, if you’ve never been on a rope course you will surely enjoy it. Or lose your shit. Either way, it’s free.

Where to find the Sky Course

The following ships offer the Sky course with more coming soon.

  1. Breeze
  2. Vista
  3. Horizon (brand new ship)
  4. Sunshine
  5. Magic

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