Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable

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January 7, 2018

Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable

Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable

Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable. Whether you’re visiting or living in Medellin, one of the coolest things you must do is ride the MetroCable. The Metrocable or teleférico in other Spanish speaking countries. Cable car or gondola in English.

The Medellin Metro and the connecting MetroCable is unique to Medellin. Furthermore, the capital of Colombia Bogota does not have a metro system. Bogota is a city the size of New York City. Medellin is the size of Miami. So, props to Medellin for having a Metro and a connecting MetroCable system.

How to ride the metro

Disclaimer I don’t ride the metro on a daily basis. However, when friends or family visit Medellin I take them on the metro and Metrocable tour. Furthermore, riding the metro as a tourist, local or an expat will typically be the same.

The first step in riding the metro is purchasing your ticket. Each station has a ticket booth. Funny side note last time I was in New York City, I needed a metrocard but the booth was gone. And the machine only accepted cash. I had to walk an entire New York City block to purchase and enter the station. No such problem in Medellin. Each station has a booth selling individual ride tickets. And for people adding money to their multi ride cards called the Civica.

As of 2018 riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable will cost you 2.400 Cop. Approximately .84 cents. Why riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable will only cost you .84 cents you ask? The answer is below.

Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable

Connecting to the Metrocable

Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable will only cost you .84 cents. Because, any ticket you purchase at any metro station includes the ride on the metro. And the free connection to the Metrocable.

Furthermore, you’re able to ride the metro, connect to the Metrocable. Ride the Metrocable. And return to your metro station starting point. However, you must remain inside of the stations at all times. Not bad for .84 cents.

For example, you start at the Poblado station purchase your ticket. Ride the metro heading north to Niquia. Exit the metro but not the station at Acevedo station. Walk up the steps (stay inside the station) ride the Metrocable to Santo Domingo. Stay the MetroCable station in Santo Domingo and return to Poblado station. That will only cost you .84 cents.

However, most people want to get out and explore the Santo Domingo station neighborhood. Santo Domingo is the last stop on the MetroCable. Furthermore, Santo Domingo connects to the extended line of the MetroCable which takes you to Parque Arvi.

The cost of a one way ticket to Parque Arvi is 5.500 Cop. Approximately $1.92. However, it’s worth it. Parque Arvi is located on the other side of this huge mountain. The extended MetroCable Santo Domingo to Parque Arvi ride is one 15 minute ride. Over what looks like Colombian jungle but it’s just remote Medellin.

Avoid dying boarding the metro

For most New Yorkers, running for the train. And sticking your arm or leg in the door is a common practice. However, doing that in Medellin will kill you. Do not stick your arms. And or legs in the doors. Furthermore, only Superman can physically open these doors.

In conclusion. Eating and drinking is 100% prohibited when riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable. Furthermore, riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable you will not see empty food containers or garbage. And will never see rats.

Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable

Riding the Medellin Metro and MetroCable

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