Necoclí Colombia Medellín beach town

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September 7, 2017

Necoclí Colombia Medellín beach town

Necoclí Colombia Medellín beach town

Country: Colombia

Department/State Antioquia

Town: Necoclí

Necoclí Colombia Medellín beach town. Necoclí is a beach town you can easily drive to from Medellin, Colombia. It is on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Urabá.


Necocli is one of the cheapest beach towns in Colombia. Furthermore with the recent road improvements it makes sense to visit this Medellin beach town. The beaches are beautiful and are almost virgin. However few tourist come here. We visit this place at least once per month.

10 years ago Necocli was off limits. The level of violence in Necocli was extremely high. However today you can safely visit and walk the streets of the town. Throughout all the bad, the people have all remained happy and welcoming. Therefore come visit Necocli Medellin Beach Town.

The weather in Necocli is amazing year round and only small waves reach the shores. Because of the small waves this is not a place to visit if you are looking to surf. But if you want your kids to peacefully play in the water this is the perfect place.

We canceled our originals plans just to visit this place. The first trip was probably the biggest most amazing surprise. But this place has completely changed our retirement plans and It might do the same to you.

Get in

By car

Arriving by car is safe, easy and probably the most scenic drive ever taken. The roads improve every year and 10 years ago it was a dangerous winding 20 hour drive. However today that drive is only 8 hours.

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Roads filled with endless fields of green

From Medellin you drive North/East.

It is only 244 miles or 392 kilometers from El Poblado neighborhood. From north of city it is slightly closer. The first 39.2 miles or  63.2 kilometers will take you through the city of Medellin. And to the historical town of Santa Fe de Antioquia. Before arriving in this beautiful town you will have to pass very windy roads. After the town of Santa Fe de Antioquia the road straightens out but only for a short amount of time. The distances are short in Colombia. But the curved roads make the travel much longer. Driving in Colombia is very different than driving in Europe or in the US.

The roads in Colombia are generally in good shape with plenty of signage. However most of the roads lack illumination. It is highly recommended to drive from 4am-7pm. Always obey the laws of the road. Furthermore, most roadways are two-lane roadways, beware the drivers crossing into your line.

We recommend the driving option because it allows you to see the small towns on the way to Necocli. Because the route is almost out of a postcard we recommend you leave early to truly enjoy this beauty.

You are able to rent a car at the following places in Parque Poblado.

Avis Cel: 320-856-3561

Budget tel: (4) 536-2542

Private cars are also available but are more expensive. A driver will charge you approximately $300.00 one way in a private SUV.

This is the road map:

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Simple, easy drive to Necocli, from Medellin

By bus

You have a couple bus options from the Terminal del Norte, located in northern Medellin. The top bus company to Necocli is Cootrans Uroccidente. The standard rate is around 70.000 Colombian pesos but this rate goes up during high season. Furthermore, during high season it is best to book online and early. During low season you are able to walk up to the counter without any problems. The bus takes over 10 hours because of the stops.

By plane

Necocli does not have an airport. However you have two airports within a 2 hour radius. One is Apartado, the other is Monteria. Apartado offers daily direct flights from Medellin. You will find cheap prices. The airport closes for days at a time. The other airport is Monteria. But the flights are always more expensive. From either city you would need to take a bus or private transportation.

By boat

After visiting Capurgana you would take a 2-3 hour boat direct to Necocli. From Panama the nearest town is Puerto Obaldia.

Why we do not recommend boats. First of all safety is not a high priority when it comes to boating in South America. Lastly drug smugglers use the routes as well. Most operators operate without tourism licenses. However, one company has worked with friends of ours in the past. The number is 315-687-4284 and the price is around 90.000 Colombian pesos.

Get around

See the town of Necocli easily on foot. Outside of Necocli you have the large city of Turbo. In Turbo you have a large Exito. North you have the charming city of Arboletes. In Arboletes you have great beaches and a mud volcano.

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Arboletes (active) mud volcano minutes away from the beach

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

The kids will love relaxing in the mud volcano

Outside of Necocli you have hundreds of small farms you can visit and a handful of semi private beaches.


Nature and tons of it. Iguanas, are very common in this part of the country. Probably saw my first Iguana 5 minutes after arriving in the city.

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Why did the cows cross the road? To see a moooooovie


Do Nothing. Sit at the beach all day. The restaurants on the beach will bring you food and beverages all day and night. However always ask before you order.

Jump on a banana boat. IN Colombian they are called guzanos (worms). The ride will only set you back couple bucks.

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

The worm, Colombian version of the banana boat


First of all you will not be bothered by pushy sales people on the beach. Since the beach areas are so small. However you will find many hand crafted goods on Calle 50.


Most of the restaurants offer seafood. However our favorite place to eat was a BBQ restaurant called Asados Umaña. We loved this place and the food was amazing.

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Best steak, BBQ in Necocli. You will be very impressed!

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Family friendly, great BBQ made right in front of you!


You can drink every and anywhere. On the main street Calle 50 you have all of the bars. We found most close when the last client leaves. Furthermore they don´t all operate on a fixed schedule.

One of the local treats you might like is mazamora.  A delicious drink made of milk, panela and rice.

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Mazamorra, a delicious local treat


Not much in regards to dance clubs. But a great place to dance some reggae on the beach is by far Zion reggae bar. This is a small video of the establishment.


Necocli offers many hotel options. Most of the Necocli hotels are listed here:

  • Hotel Palma Real Cra. 50 # 49-04 tel: (4) 821-4544 / Cel: 321-369-5222 whatsapp 314-403-4401. Great hotel with two sister hotels on the same block. Only one block away from the beach. Furthermore the most helpful staff ever. Great affordable restaurant within the hotel (free breakfast included). And located only one block from the main park.

    Necocli Medellin Beach Town

    Hotel Palma Real, Necocli

  • Hotel Juan Delamar Cra. 50 # 46-87 Calle del pescador Cel: 313-687-3989 email: [email protected] One of the nicest hotels in Necocli and one of the top restaurants on the beach.
  • La Mariapolis Cra. 51 #52-287 A beautiful place to kick back right in front of the beach.
  • Punta Palmeras Cra. 51 # 45-19 Playa del Pescador a orillas del Mar Cel: 313-724-8739 / tel: (4) 821-4328. Camping, shared rooms, great views of the ocean.
Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Punta Palmeras Bar Restaurant Camping Hotel

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Great views, eat, sleep, drink

  • Casa Hotel Dora Mar
  • Hotel Suriki Caribe

    Necocli Medellin Beach Town

    One of many hotels in Necocli

  • Hotel Samapini One of the nicest places in Necocli. Modern, boutique hotel. This is a very classy place.   
Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Hotel Samapini Necocli

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Samapini is a one of a kind hotel in Necocli

Necocli Medellin Beach Town

Samapini boutique hotel Necocli

  • Punta Caribana casa Hotel calle del pescador “El Calor humano de una familia a su servicio”. tel: (4) 821-4705 / Cel: 312-284-4815 email: [email protected] Friendly staff, close to everything. Remodeled rooms with a B&B feel.

    Necocli Medellin Beach Town

    Punta Caribana, 2 minute walk to the beach

  • Casa hotel Mar y Brisa tel: (4) 821-4132 / Cel: 318-397-9019

    Necocli Medellin Beach Town

    Casa Hotel Mar Y Brisa Necocli

Jobs for expats

Why we love this place? Because it´s a virgin town. However it is hungry for growth. The opportunities we saw were in language education. Medellin has massive supply of English teachers. However in these small towns you have large demand and little to no supply.

Retire here

First of all, if you want to live for cheap by the beach this is the perfect place. Medellin is within driving distance. Positives its extremely affordable. Negatives you are limited with doctors. You would need to travel to the bigger cities of Turbo, apartado or take the 7 hour drive to Medellin. In conclusion do some research before making a life changing move.


No embassy’s here, however you do have a police station in the heart of town. For free direct help planning your vacation reach out to me you can follow me @RealARSimon

Get out

The bus station is in the entrance of town. From there you can go to Arboletes (North) Turbo (south). Furthermore you have boats to visit other cities.


An easy city to walk around. Another great opportunity would be bike rentals or moto rentals. In conclusion when you visit Medellin also visit Necocli.

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