Increase Prolong Retirement Savings Living Abroad

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December 6, 2017

Increase Prolong Retirement Savings Living Abroad

Increase Prolong Retirement Savings Living Abroad

Increase Prolong Retirement Savings Living Abroad. Per the survey 29% of expats plan to stay expats forever. With that in mind which countries increase prolong retirement savings living abroad?

Before you decide

Do you speak a foreign language? Are you interested in a particular culture? Increasing retirement savings is important. But knowing the local language is also very important. However, today you have many tools for learning a new language.

Healthcare another very important consideration. Especially when you have a preexisting condition. Make sure you have access to quality affordable health care or are able to travel home quickly and easily.

Safety should be number 1. But we are sometimes so exited about the savings we bypass the safety. Cheap is available almost anywhere. However, what makes living abroad so awesome is living abroad like a King & Queen.

Never sacrifice safety to increase prolong retirement savings abroad.

Asia vs South America

For most, Asian countries or countries in (Latin America) South America are usually the most affordable options. However, European countries like Portugal and Spain are still very affordable.

I love Asia. But the country I most love in Asia is Japan. Some parts of Japan are affordable. However, the major cities of Japan; Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto are very expensive.

Per the quality of life index 3 Asian countries make the top 10. Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. All 3 are great countries but you will not increase prolong retirement savings abroad in any of those countries. Furthermore, expect to spend more in those countries.

Per the same index, Spain and Portugal are in the top 3. Costa Rica is the only Latin American country on the top 10 list.

However, the personal happiness index 3 Latin American countries make the top 5. Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Furthermore, low cost locations like Colombia and Mexico again are in the top 5. However, Ecuador and Costa Rica both moved down the list due to increased cost of living.

The final verdict

In conclusion, Medellin Colombia is still the perfect place to increase prolong retirement savings living abroad. However, Medellin has some areas which need improvement. Safety and security is high on that list. But safety and security has also been a major government priority for the past 17 years.

Medellin has invested heavily in technology. And is considered one of the worlds most innovative cities. Furthermore, the city has made a valiant effort to leave behind it’s sex tourism past.

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Increase Prolong Retirement Savings Living Abroad

Increase Prolong Retirement Savings Living Abroad

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