How to tell your wife your girlfriend is pregnant

April 1, 2018

How to tell your wife your girlfriend is pregnant

How to tell your wife your girlfriend is pregnant

How to tell your wife your girlfriend is pregnant. One of the most important questions we receive on the Blog. The pregnant girlfriend situation is common in Medellin. However, these easy to follow steps will help you break the news without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the steps are easily adaptable to your country, city and state.

Step 1 buy her something nice

Time to break open the I got my girlfriend pregnant savings fund. You’ve been saving this for some time now. Furthermore, your finances are in order and a baby with your girlfriend won’t derail your life goals.

The cost of the gift is a simple mathematical formula. For each NEW baby multiply your monthly salary by two. Two represents the two families you will now support. Furthermore, for girlfriends related to your wife, automatically multiply by Pi.

The formula looks like this

Salary = $5000

Family multiplier = 2

Close proximity multiplier = Π

5000*2*Π = $31415.92 approximately

Step 2 take her somewhere public

This is a special occasion, take her somewhere special. Avoid your regular Friday night spot Red Lobster or the Olive Garden. Furthermore, dress up for the occasion. However, don’t invite family or friends to celebrate this special night.

Step 3 remind her how special she is

At the end of the day, you love your wife. And you want to spend the rest of your life with her. However, your girlfriend is also important. But your wife comes first. Never forget that and make sure you remind her of the special bond you have i.e. that mortgage payment.

Step 4 surprise her with a unique baby gift

Ask the waiters to help you with this. When the time is right, have them bring out a small box with a pregnancy test showing a faint positive line. Your wife will appreciate the cuteness of it all.

Furthermore, it’s very important the entire staff is present including managers and possibly security. However, stand firm remind her of the $31,000 gift you just gave her. And the upcoming changes to the beautiful home you just purchased together.

In conclusion, follow these 4 steps. They will show you how to tell your wife your girlfriend is pregnant. However, I initially started this post in mid March with the goal of posting it on April 1st.

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