Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

June 29, 2017

Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

We program our children to study hard and do well in school. They are told to work very hard in school and if they do the reward is a good job. The benefits include a beautiful home and a loving family. And if they are lucky they could take one or two vacations per year. And one day retire when they are old and close to death. Who in their right mind would want such a miserable future for their loved ones? Is that life? As parents we will receive greater benefits raising next generation entrepreneurs.

Some small children show from a very young age a propensity for entrepreneurship. Why don´t more parents encourage that? Parents, it is our duty to best prepare our children for the new world we live in. Will all these future entrepreneurs become millionaires? Of course not, but some will. Most which take the entrepreneurial route will live for complete lives filled with amazing experiences and challenges

Parents teach your children to one day be their own boss

Sadly, we program them into thinking their is only way to become successful. And that is by working 40-60 hours per week. Most of the times at job or career they don’t even like. Adding the daily commute and long office hours, how much quality time do parents spend at home? Are they able to have a home cooked family meal every night? Are they able to read a book or talk about their day every night?

Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Bosses take 11 weeks of vacation

Good job, bad pay

When you are an employee you first need to interview or audition for someone. Your new boss asks you silly questions like sell me this pen. You are subjected to discrimination, subjugation and outright intimidation on so many levels during an interview process.

And if you are finally chosen you now have to share your space with people you would never willingly associate with. You cant choose your coworkers or how you want to work. Today few companies offer maternity leave.

Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Exotic travel, included with own boss card

Freedom to make decisions

Every decision I take the end result must always benefit me and my family. My family has always been and will always be my top priority. So much so that I also try to instill that same lifestyle into my children, not only via examples but by long deep conversations on how they want to live their lives in the future. Sure I will 100% support them in any venture or career path they decide to take. But I already see a high interest in a life of ultimate freedom. I doubt they would conform to the ways of the masses. The ways of the masses tell you to work hard in school and one day get a good job.

Today my kids enjoy a life we built of at least 11 weeks of vacations per year since they were born. They see me at home with my wife every night for family dinner. My wife left her successful career as an insurance executive to stay at home with them (giving us more time for vacation) as well as more time with them at home. My kids notice these details, the ability to be at every school function when most parents send the nanny or the retired grandparents.

Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Plenty passport stamps for the boss

Are you really happy at your job?

I´m not naive to the fact that many people love the comfort of a job, of a paycheck of that false sense of security. I also know it is impossible for everyone in the world to be an entrepreneur. But today the ability and possibility to own your own business has never been greater. We are truly living in magical times. Most of us grew up during a time where the barrier for entrance into certain fields or businesses were next to impossible.

The internet, smart phones and social media has in a lot of ways leveled the rigged playing field. Trust me I fully understand that this system (capitalism) is still totally rigged and favors certain groups over others as well as the people on top still control a lot of the real power and wealth. Today it is far more difficult to stop a great idea. And next to impossible to stop the people which hustle their assess off.

We will always have police men, firemen doctors, lawyers, mechanics, pilots, plumbers. Those jobs/careers are essential to living a high quality life. Now anyone in love with those careers by all means go for it. We appreciate you and we thank you for your excellent service. However our kids tend to go as we go. You must show them from an early age it´s not just about job safety and security. But also great family values and freedom to choose.

Money solves a lot of problems but…

I made a lot of money when I worked on Wall Street. Making so much money was great but I was miserable. The work left me mentally and physically drained. My spiritually had been corrupted and the emotional affect was real. The job left me no freedom.

Trust me having money and not having money are two very different problems. But for me the freedom has to also be present. Solid finances and freedom is what I now most value.

Having a lot money and no longer spending quality time at home


I always wonder, why do we still teach our kids to work 60 hours per week. Receiving a high salary when they could never spend time with their families is worst than poverty. They would never properly enjoy all that wealth they are actually creating for the boss. That boss is taking a trip least 11 weeks of vacation. The boss is also having dinner each night with his/her loved one.

I love my employees, they are building my dream

My employees are currently building my dream not theirs. On the flip side, I encourage them to build their own dreams. I for one have successfully invested in many of my former employees businesses.

Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

We love the New York Mets

At the end of the day you want to live your dream and you want your children to live theirs. Maybe your dream is to be my assistant and travel the world with me and my family. Or maybe your dream is to be a doctor. Regardless of your dream live it. And help nurture the next generation of kids to dream of real Financial freedom. Freedom to live how they want, and where they want.

Greater Benefits Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

New York City, one of the greatest cities on earth

Most businesses don’t succeed but when your business does succeed that is a very special feeling. Your blood sweat and tears turn into a mountain of happiness. Happiness best shared with those you love.

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