Finding the best Coworking in Medellin

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April 23, 2018

Finding the best Coworking in Medellin

Finding the best Coworking in Medellin

Finding the best Coworking in Medellin, Co-working is all the boom here in Medellin. These are the keys to finding a legitimate, affordable coworking space with high speed internet in Medellin.

Location location location

Sorry but the northern part of the city is not where you want to explore coworking in Medellin. However, in the future this option will be viable.

Most of the legitimate well organized coworking spaces are in the southern part of the city. Furthermore, the north still has pockets of high crime and safety risks. Stay in the south if you’re looking for a legitimate coworking place in Medellin.


Not all coworking spaces are created equally. During my visits to over 30 coworking spaces, I saw it all. From sketchy internet and electric connections. To broken chairs. To modern high tech spaces which will make digital nomads want to put a shirt on.

Internet speed

Probably the first question most people ask, after the price. However, don’t expect US levels internet speed here. But it should be better than the services you would receive at home. I think the fastest internet we came across was at Quokka coworking Medellin.

Finding the best Coworking in Medellin

For Colombia that is FIOS level speed. Furthermore, that was the wireless connection on my cellphone. Ethernet is as good. I was able to upload some Youtube videos in record time.


Some places are trying to pay the entire mortgage or rent for the place with one sucker client. Some prices were inline with what they were offering. However, others were way off in my opinion. Furthermore, check around and ask for discounts.

Customer service

One of the biggest things we looked for was the attention we received from the employees or owners. For example, one place we visited was well organized but the staffer showing me around was such a bore. Furthermore, when I called the same person seemed mad that I called to give her my money. And ask questions.

Are people excited to be there?

With so many options, a coworking space with many people trying to be there says a lot. Furthermore, when the place is packed that just raises everyone’s energy.

Social aspect

Do people interact with each other? Does the coworking space offer events, training or other networking opportunities?


However easy it is to just pick up and go most times you want to stay for a while. Are the owners of the coworking place in position to keep the lights on? Are they talking expansion and investing? Or is it just a money grab? Look for places with a vision for the future. Furthermore, do some research with current occupants. Ask them about their experience at that particular coworking space.

Finding the best Coworking in Medellin

Finding the best Coworking in Medellin

In conclusion, you have many coworking options in Medellin. However, choose wisely and make coworking in Medellin a pleasant experience.

Finding the best Coworking in Medellin


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