Favorite Vegetarian Vegan Pizza in Medellin Colombia

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January 6, 2018

Favorite Vegetarian Vegan Pizza in Medellin Colombia

Favorite Vegetarian Vegan Pizza in Medellin Colombia

Favorite Vegetarian Vegan Pizza in Medellin Colombia. Cafe Zorba is one of the first restaurants you visit when you arrive in Medellin. Furthermore, with the addition of their 100% vegan options Cafe Zorba is set to corner the vegetarian vegan pizza market in Medellin.

Constant improvement

Cafe Zorba continues to be everyone’s favorites vegan pizza in Medellin Colombia. However, every-time we return they add more tables. Furthermore, these tables are in very random places. Like a staircase. Yet the desire to eat vegetarian vegan pizza in Medellin is so strong that people sit there. Not something I recommended.

Consistent quality

Rest assured that every visit to Cafe Zorba will leave you wanting more. Furthermore, Cafe Zorba the favorite vegetarian vegan pizza in Medellin Colombia prices have stayed the same entering 2018. However, some of the staff have mentioned prices will rise in the coming months. But we will have to wait and see about that.

Cafe Zorba clients

Cafe Zorba caters to locals and foreigners alike. However, most of the clients are foreigners. The large amount of foreigners, tourist and expats speaks volumes to the quality of Cafe Zorba. And the good reputation Cafe Zorba has.

Best vegan vegetarian appetizers

I love to start with an order of green olives. And and order of sauteed mushrooms. However, the mushrooms come with enough garlic to kill vampires. The mushrooms are amazing, again sauteed with white wine and a lot of garlic.

Other popular appetizers include the hummus. The hummus is 100% vegan. Made with chickpeas puree, garlic, lemon, tahini and extra virgin olive oil. Served with laffa bread.

Another popular vegan plate is the mixed salad. The mixed salad comes with a medley of awesome fruits and vegetables. Avocado, green apple, spinach, pumpkin, carrots and tons of other amazing vegan ingredients.

Best vegetarian pizzas

The chimichurri is still my favorite. Its made with chimichurri, sauteed mushrooms, white wine, garlic, arugula and mozzarella. However, it’s also made with pure magic and love. The best tasting pizza hands down.

Another favorite is the “Tomates Secos” dried tomatoes. The dried tomatoes is also awesome. However, it’s my third favorite vegetarian pizza at Cafe Zorba.

My second favorite (I usually go half and half) is the jalapeños vegetarian pizza. Check out my past review for details on that pizza by clicking this link.

Wash it all down with a bottle of wine for only $15 usd. However, my favorite drink is the ginger soda. Tasty and refreshing.

Favorite Vegetarian Vegan Pizza in Medellin Colombia

Favorite Vegetarian Vegan Pizza in Medellin Colombia

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