Dave Chappelle Still Funny Though Netflix Special Massive Stink Bomb

March 22, 2017

Dave Chappelle Still Funny Though Netflix Special Massive Stink Bomb

Dave Chappelle Still Funny Though Netflix Special Massive Stink Bomb

Dave Chappelle Still Funny Though Netflix Special Massive Stink Bomb. On March 21, 2017 I woke up to the amazing news Dave Chappelle was finally available on Netflix. Dave Chappelle was going to make his triumphant return to television after his abrupt exit from his highly successful television show. We were going to be blessed with two television specials; one taped in Los Angeles and another taped in Austin. He was coming out with new material only available on Netflix.

In spite the viral hype the news generated, the end result was a mixed bag of emotions. Dave coming onto the stage was all I needed to bust out with laughter. That is some real power. He didn´t even have to say a single word. I truly enjoy just seeing Dave come out with his corky mannerisms, epic facial expressions and unique voice. But then the first show (episode 1) turned boring and hard to watch at times.  I felt a lot better about the second show (episode 2).

The issue is not the hype

Dave deserves and has earned the hype and the $60 million payout. Dave Chappelle´s Netflix show was doomed to fail and was subject to much scrutiny due in large part to the much successful Dave Chappelle show. My favorite all time show was Delirious and it has been challenged but it is still the best for me. I measure and rate all shows after that amazing show.

In regards to television we were severely spoiled by the share sickness of the Dave Chappelle television show. That show was so ground breaking and filled with such iconic characters, skits and moments that it was impossible to ever return to such magic on one Netflix special. That success will forever create an almost unattainable amount of comedy we all are still longing for. Dave and all of his fans want to relive that magic but I don´t know if it will ever happen.

Dave Chappelle Still Funny Though Netflix Special Massive Stink Bomb

Most of the people I spoke to felt let down. How crazy is that? Dave´s success during those two amazing seasons has taken him to god like levels of comedy. How can any god follow up his previous act of turning water to wine? What is your next trick? Those are hard acts to follow.

When Jordan came back from playing baseball

I found myself comparing Dave to the great Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan retired from the NBA to play baseball for a short time. That didn´t work out too well. Jordan later came back to the NBA and it took some time for him to get his legs and his dominant game back. But he did eventually get it back as he dominated for 3 straight seasons.

Where is Dave Chappelle on his comeback trail? Is he Michael Jordan barely getting his legs back after his first retirement? Or is he Michael Jordan after he came back, to play with the Wizards? I hope he is the Michael Jordan which lost in the playoffs against the Orlando Magic. I hope he is that guy because that embarrassing loss pissed him off. And he came right back and went HAM on the entire NBA winning 72 games.

An unfair comparison

When we compare Dave today, to his television shows on comedy central we are always going to be disappointed. But we can´t separate the Dave Chappelle show of the past to the Dave we still want today. I will never forget the great memories of Clayton Bigsby or Rick James or the great Niggars family. I hope Dave drops the 45 jersey and returns to wearing number 23.

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