D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin

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April 20, 2018

D' Andre Gourmet Medellin

D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin

D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin is the go to breakfast restaurant for locals and visitors in Medellin Colombia. However, D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin also serves up an amazing brunch. D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin is highly rated on all of the tourist websites. That high ranking was obtained by high quality food and exceptional service.

What to eat

The menu is complete. However, my favorite was the Bagel with Salmon. But we also tried the Big Breakfast.

Bagel with Salmon – was amazing. It came with a healthy amount of Salmon. Philadelphia cream cheese, spinach, grilled onions, dried tomatoes and avocados.

The Big Breakfast was very impressive. And, the amount of food was just right. Big breakfast at D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin includes two eggs made your way. A large pancake, hash brown, home made sausage. And a lot of fresh fruit.

Other traditional Colombian breakfasts are also available. However, the best options are the Bagel with Salmon, Big Breakfast and the steak plates.

D' Andre Gourmet Medellin

Conveniently located

D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin is located at Cra. 37 #10-15, Medellín, Antioquia. Furthermore, you can visit them by clicking this link.

Quality service

D’ Andre Gourmet has learned that quality service and attention to detail is the key to cornering the market. The staff at D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin is well trained, attentive and responsible.

Once an error was committed. However, the manager witnessed the error the moment the plate arrived. And took the plate away. She immediately apologized and brought out a fresh plate with the correct specifications.

Looking for Saturday Sunday or Tuesday brunch?

I love brunch. I love brunch more brunch than breakfast. But, Medellin has few quality brunch options. D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin solves that problem most days.

Since the owner Andres is the chef, the restaurant will sometimes close on random days so he can rest. Furthermore, serving quality food is the top priority for D’ Andre Gourmet. Weekends the restaurant is always open. We love to pop in around 11am on Saturdays. Kick back some mimosas and devour some smoked salmon, steaks and pancakes.

In conclusion, D’ Andre Gourmet Medellin is a must visit breakfast, brunch and lunch. Moreover, it’s conveniently located in the heart of Poblado.

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D' Andre Gourmet Medellin

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