2020 First Black Female President Michelle Obama

July 1, 2017

2020 first black female President Michelle Obama

President Obama (remix)

2020 first black female President Michelle Obama. The republican party´s greatest fear is if Michelle Obama was to run for President in 2020. Her run for President would be monumental and would guarantee a win for the Democratic Party. The path to victory for Michelle Obama has already been laid out for her. We know from the 2016 elections the lack of black voter turn out greatly affected Hillary Clinton. We all knew Clinton was a highly flawed candidate with too much baggage and real life skeletons in her closet. Michelle Obama born in Chicago, Illinois with a law degree from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. She will be a formidable challenger to the incumbent President Trump or President Pence. Furthermore, either challenger would find her hard to defeat.

Path to victory

How will Michelle Obama win? What is Michelle Obama´s path to victory? Her path to victory is a lot easier than even her husbands path in 2008. Being a democrat she already is guaranteed the north east and north to south west. The big economic, technologically advanced states with the vast majority of the educated population will vote for Michelle Obama. California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Colorado, Vermont, Maine will all go to Michelle Obama. First of all that is awesome. But wait there is more.

Where will Michelle Obama start to do things no one else has ever done? Michelle Obama will be able to flip traditionally red states. Such as Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Those three states with a total of 40 electoral votes will guarantee her victory. Yet she won´t only win those states. She will also reverse the 2016 anomaly which saw Wisconsin, Pennsylvania turn red. Those two traditionally blue states were won by the slimmest of margins. Because of low black voter turn out.

Hi Wisconsin,remember me?

Especially relevant, with Michelle Obama leading the democratic party she will again bring those voters back. The massive population of Pennsylvania is in Philadelphia and it’s suburbs. That massive turn out will all but drown out the western part of the state. Where the population is in serious decline. The same is true in the capital of Wisconsin, Madison. That is a highly educated area as well as the city of Milwaukee and the suburbs. Those are the most diverse areas, areas which are populated by a large black working class community. With the addition of those two states she gains another 30 electoral votes. That total will get her to 302 vs. 236, and you only need 270 to win.

I don´t think she will stop there, with a latino running mate she could possibly flip traditionally red states such as Arizona and Louisiana. That would be a monumental shift. You add those 19 electoral votes for Michelle Obama and her new total margin of victory would be 321 vs. 217. I still have not included the state of Florida, we all know how Florida votes. It´s random and unpredictable. If Florida and Indiana both blue in 2008 were to return to blue, the new number would reach her husbands level of success 367 vs. 171. Consequently she will out do what President Obama did in 2008.

Family values

What will be her platform? I think she can easily run on her family values platform. Building on what her husband did. Remember she has very traditional christian family values. One marriage, zero scandals. She has great parents and has been a great parent. The lack of scandals will leave the republican party with nothing to talk about. You will have to argue based on facts and on policy issues. She is a highly intelligent and compassionate woman. Furthermore women are due.

In 2020 we will all have a much clearer picture of what the world will look like. She will also have a clearer picture of the many failed policies from the current administration. If the current administration does not bring good jobs back. The American people will kick them out. Furthermore, If they do not fix the health care problems they will move out of the White House as quickly as they moved in. The promise of eliminating Obamacare was the battle cry for the past 6 years. Yet, as of today no plan is in place. Was the problem with Obamacare Obama? Seems like the name destroyed the positive benefits. What will the health system look like in 2020? Maybe it will look worst than Obamacare.

2020 first black female President Michelle Obama

Will the ghost of President Obama derail her? Without any doubt, President Obama´s record will be on full display. President Obama will be the target of many attacks. People online and other large groups are still vilifying him and he is no longer in office. Republicans know the possible storm of Michelle Obama is coming, and they need to demonize her husband to hurt her. The ugliness will return with the intention of destroying the first female President of the United States. However, Michelle Obama is not Killary.

The negative campaign. And the Russian influence all worked against Clinton. She also has an endless amount of skeletons in her closet. Michelle has no skeletons, she had a simple life, a life we will learn a lot about in her upcoming mega book deal. She is a mother with a plan, she was very present during the 8 years in the White House. In conclusion we are calling the 2020 election today for Michelle Obama. Finally a black female President.

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