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AR Simon Author Entrepreneur Father Husband Traveler Expat

AR Simon Author Entrepreneur Father Husband Traveler Expat. I’m a successful entrepreneur from New York City.

My wife, two children and I live in Medellin, Colombia and spend some of our summers in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain is one of the most amazing places on earth.

Medellin, Colombia is the city of eternal spring. It’s a welcoming city offering amazing year round weather. With many investment and early retirement opportunities for expats.

AR Simon Author Entrepreneur Father Husband Traveler Expat

My amazing wife and I, cruising in Europe

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Growing up on the rough streets of Brooklyn, New York

I was raised by a single, hard working, immigrant mother in Brooklyn, New York. We didn’t have much but my family always worked hard, we got that from our mother. Today Brooklyn is clean and safe. My Brooklyn was dirty and dangerous.

AR Simon Author Entrepreneur Father Husband Traveler Expat

Determined not to become another statistic. I received a Bachelors degree in Finance from Pace University, New York City. During my time at Pace University I worked full-time.

Some of my jobs included delivering laundry to restaurants in New York City. Crunching tonnage and snowfall numbers for the department of Sanitation. Analyzing financial statements and balance sheets for Sotheby’s international realty. And as a stock boy at J. Crew’s flagship store.

After Pace University I worked on Wall Street. Hence my inside knowledge of the financial sector. During my time on Wall Street I learned how others used the system to their advantage. And I was able to profit from it.

I still love New York City but I love the international education my children are currently receiving. However, I will be taking my show on the road. Stay tuned.

AR Simon Author Entrepreneur Father Husband Traveler Expat

Club El Rodeo Medellin – 18 holes on a beautiful day with Juan Chavez the CEO of JMC Equipment

The ultimate expat local guide

The ultimate expat local guide gives you an inside look at life from the eyes of an expat.

This guide will include all of the places we live and spend considerable amount of time at. Currently, Colombia and Spain.

Join me and my family on this epic journey. Together we will explore many topics.

From finding affordable housing, to enrolling in international, bilingual schools and finding places of worship. Furthermore, we will detail the best local places to shop. And the top restaurants, bars, festivals, events and attractions.


Perspective category or topic will detail my random opinions. From the sports industry to local or international politics. However, I will do my best to avoid politics and focus more on entertainment. Politics divide. Sports and entertainment unite us.

I’m a die hard New York Mets, New York Giants, New York Knicks and New York Rangers fan. All four teams have given great joy and great sorrow. Sometimes on the same day.

Although I no longer live in New York I still follow all of my favorite teams. For other expats this is a challenge and a source of great frustration. I use certain online tools which I will share to make sure I never miss a game.

Furthermore, sometimes I need to pop into a game or 10.

AR Simon Author Entrepreneur Father Husband Traveler Expat

My favorite sport

I made a rule of going to at least one playoff game per team per year. Mets, Knicks, Giants need not apply.

Extreme sports are a thing of the past for me. However, I love to golf despite my lack of talent.

AR Simon Author Entrepreneur Father Husband Traveler Expat


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